Bed Bug Detector Dogs for Sale
Bed Bug Detector Dogs for Sale
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Canine Guidance Center

Bed Bug Dogs For Sale

Tule and Handler Branko working a library Toronto Canada Tule and Handler Branko working a library Toronto Canada



All our dogs are health checked, hip, elbow x-rayed and are temperament tested before entering the program. All dogs are check for sound sensitivity. Not only do we train for scent detection we socialize our dogs in all types of situations. We teach them house manners as well as being crate trained, obedience and agility trained. We pride ourselves in matching the right dog with the right handlers to make a great pest control team!

We have dogs in training all the time. Please ask us what dogs we have available that have not been posted yet.


Barkely-Beagle (Male/Neutered)  Good with kids and dogs. Food Driven. Fast worker


Shep-Shepherd mix (Male/neutered)  High drive. Good with kids and dogs. Food Driven











Maverick -Labrador (Male/Neutered)  High drive. Good with kids, cats and dogs. Food driven and toy driven


Butler-Labrador (Male/Neuetered)  Nice drive. Good with kids, cats and dogs. Food driven and toy driven.

Bed Bug K9s With Their New Handlers

Bizy (Sold)

Bizy with her new handler Mike Nangle from Orkin, Mid West



Archer (Sold)

Archer with his new handler Jenn from Highlander Termite control , Califronia



Storm (Sold)

Storm with her new handler Terri from Orkin, Canada



Luna (Sold)

Luna with her new handler Timote from Orkin, Canada



Houston (Sold)

Houston with his new handler Connor from Burns Pest Elimination Tucson Arizona



Tara (Sold)

Tara with her new handler Joanne from JBS Inspection Service Collegeville, PA



Nova (Sold)

Nova with her new handler Troy from Orkin, Canada


Blossom (Sold)

Blossom with her new handler Jose from Integrated Pest Control Covina, CA


Ace (Sold)

Ace with his new handler Matt from ABC Home and Commercial Services Houston Texas.

Halo (Sold)

Halo with her new handler Kate from 1st Pest Control Vancouvor Canada.

Trek (Sold)

Trek with his new handler Sue from Bell Environmental Services Fairfield New Jersey. 

Lotta (Sold)

Lotta with her new handler Rob from Burns Pest Elimination Tucson Arizona

Dash (Sold)

Dash with his new handler Ken from Orkin Edmonton Canada

Zephyr (Sold)

Zephyr with new handler Stacy Fritzpatrick from Aable Pest Control Waterloo, IA 

Clover (Sold)

Clover with new handler Cara Guikema from Barker Street Detectives Hastings, NE 

Cubby (Sold)

Cubby with new handler Amy Reher from Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers  Denver, Co 

Moose (Sold)

Moose with new handler Matt Passino from K9 Bed Bug Hunter Bellevue, MI 

Merit (Sold)

Merit with new handler Dave Labelle from PremiumK9 Service Edmonton, Canada 

River (Sold)

River and her new handler Heidi Wilson from Orkin Canada

Hippo (Sold)

Hippo and his new handler Brittany Borgal from Orkin Canada

Clovis (Sold)

Clovis and her new handler Heidi from Premium Dog Training Service Edmonton Canada

Buster (Sold)

Buster and his new handler Tina Hansen from Absolut Skadedyrs Service Copenhagen Denmark


Flash (Sold)

Flash and his new handler Bernadette Tetro from Inspection Analytics of  New Jersey


Huckleberry (Sold)

Huckleberry and his new handler Tim Anglemyer from Pest Pups Midlothian, TX


Jetta (Sold)

Jetta and her new handler Barry McMath from ABC Home and Commercial Service, Houston Texas.

Briggs (Sold)

Briggs and his new handler Gerry Garcia from Orkin  Arizona.

Mayday (Sold)

Mayday and his new handler Charles Baughman from Orkin Ohio.

Hazel (Sold)

Hazel and her new handler Jennifer White from Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions St Louis, Mo

Poet (Sold)

Poet with new handler Sarah from K9 Bed Bug Hunter Bellevue, MI 

Java (Sold)

Java and her new handler Ashley Dwyer from Orkin Canda Newfoundland, Canada

Baxter (Sold)

Baxter and his new handler  Carissa from Adam's Pest Control, MN

Hunter (Sold)

Hunter and his new handler Annie Dollinger from Orkin Michigan

Lightning (Sold)

Lightning and his new Handler Brian from Springer Professional Home Service Des Monies IA.

Abby (Sold)

Abby and her new handler Amanda Jones from Black Diamond Pest Control from Kentucky. 

Tracker (Sold)

Tracker and his new handler Amy Reher from Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers of Denver Co.

Quest (Sold)

Quest and his new handler Kira Reehuag from Switzerland.

Circa (Sold)

Circa and her new handler Tom from Orkin Columbus Ohio.

Farley (Sold)

Farley and his new handler Tim Brooks from K9 Detect Pro Dayton Ohio. 

Brighton (Sold)

Brighton and her new handler Bob Decarlo from Springer Professional Services in Des Moines Iowa.

Clue (Sold)

Clue and his new handler Shauna Hults from Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions St Louis, Mo

Jet (Sold)

Jet and his new handler David Hernandez from Orkin West Coast.

Bentley (Sold)

Bentley and his new handler Eric Mahan Orkin California.

Bounty (Sold)

Bounty and his new handler Charles Baughman from Orkin Midwest.

Tetris (Sold)

Tetris and her new handler Lyndsey Cyster from Orkin Canada.

Swag (Sold)

Swag and his new handler Kate Powers from Orkin Canada.

Cranberry (Sold)

Cranberry and her new handler Edmond Szablewsk from Orkin Midwest. 

Toga  (Sold)

Toga and his new handler Antonio Lemos from Geneva Switzerland.


Clod (Sold)

Clod with his new handler Tom Furey from Orkin Canada.

Cruise (Sold)

Cruise and his new handler Robert Little Orkin Canada Nova Scotia.

Sutter (Sold)

Sutter and his handler Simon Burnell from Orkin Canada.

Tule (Sold)

Tule and her handler Brandon Grutzmacher from Orkin Midwest.

Grease (Sold)

Grease and his new handler Ken Grey Orkin Canada.

Pasta (Sold)

Pasta and her new handler Sherry Chapman from Orkin Canada Calergy.

Pistol (Sold)

Pistol and his new handler Yvonne Seattle Washington.

Jag (Sold)

Jag and his new handler Timote Seguin from Orkin Canada.

Velvet (Sold)

Velvet and her new handler Mario Zakaib from K9 Inspectors Vancouver Canada.


Stuart (Sold)

Stuart and his new handler Ashley Vokey Orkin Canada.



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