Bed Bug Detector Dogs for Sale
Bed Bug Detector Dogs for Sale
Bed Bug K-9s Services
Bed Bug K-9s Services

Bed Bug Dog Detection Services

  • Bed Bug Canine inspection services for Southern California, Las Vegas and the San Francisco Area.

All our canine alerts are visually verified!  Our customers are always shown evidence of bed bugs before any treatment is suggested.  Call us for a quote for your bed bug searching needs.

  • Highly trained bed bug detection dogs for sale

​We sell purebred as well as mix breed dogs. Temperment and trainability is a must for all our dogs. Full health examinations are done on all dogs and a health warranty is given on each dog.


  • Bed Bug Detection Dog Handlers Course

Matching the right dog to the new handler is a must. We know you not only work all day with your bed bed dog but you live with them too. During the handlers course each handler is paired with two dogs to work with. At the end of the course one perfectly matched dog is placed with the new handler. We create great bed bug dog search teams!







19038 Willow Street

Hesperia, CA 92345


(408) 621-0620

(800) 926-9969


"When I was given the task of finding a dog provider for our nation wide K9 
Assisted Bed Bug Inspection program, I wanted to find someone that would be
there through all aspects of the program. The Bed Bug K-9s team helped with
everything from the training of the dogs, handler interviews, handler training
and continuing education. Stephanie and the team were able to provide us with a
personalized experience that fit perfectly for our company. I would recommend
Bed Bug K-9s to anyone looking for a dog provider."


Dave LaBelle
Former National K9 Service Manager
Orkin Canada
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