Bed Bug Detector Dogs for Sale
Bed Bug Detector Dogs for Sale

Highly Trained Bed Bug Detection Dogs for Sale

"Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite" used to be just an old saying but not now it has some validity.  Bed bugs are back and people are finding them in houses, apartments, hotels, dorms, cruise ships, hospitals, libraries and movie theaters even buses!

Dogs have been working for years detecting narcotics, explosives, missing persons, termites and produce to name a few.  We know, as trainers, if it has a scent a dog can be taught to find it!   A pest control professional has to use their eyes to find bed bugs which means in some cases they have to pull a room apart. A dog can search many areas without disturbing anything and pin point a scent.  There is no true way to measure the dogs accuracy percentage verses a human but the dog has no hidden agenda nor any preconceived thoughts of where the bug could or could not be. Our dog's have 100's of hours of positive reinforcement training finding live bed bugs. They have learned that finding the scent of viable eggs, nymphs and adult bugs equals something  good for them in the way of a toy or food.  Our dogs are happy, healthy, high drive canines!

Bed bug canine inspection teams serving the greater Los Angeles area, Bay Area and Las Vegas.

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